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If you support PGP/GPG encrypted email, then: import my public keys and send an email to the address encoded therein. This public key is also on common public key servers.

Social Media
I try to be a nice human online. I try:
  • LinkedIn
    Resume and professional facade.
  • @meuon
    Geeky place to hang out.
  • @meuon
    Less geeky, nice social vibe.
  • Facebook
    Social stuff with normal people.
  • @meuon
    Fallow. I keep this active so some nutcase scammer does not use that handle and ruin my reputation.
Usually in/near Chattanooga TN. Or not.
+1 423 605-6943

Also receives SMS and Signal

Laboratory / USPS:
GeekLabs @ Signal Base
1028 Signal Mtn Road, Suite 104
Chattanooga TN 37402