Latest Project:

A twist on (a plug and play do-it-yourself focus phone system) with a feature set that IT/Network professionals will enjoy for managing multiple customers with the excellent support team of ring-u available to help them shine. Target launch: March 2024.


  • Hardware Research and Development
  • E-Commerce/Recurring Billing
  • Networking and Communications
    (weird and bespoke telecom solutions)


Since 1996


Featured Project: ring-u

Starting in January 2017, GeekLabs and friends have been building ring-u, an auto-configuring small business phone system. Soft-launch was September 15th, 2017. That's 9 months from "lets do this thing" to hardware and software designed, built and in-stock. It's currently using a couple of "Tier 1" back end telecom providers for actual service delivery. The plan: build a sustainable profitable business.

Jan 2022 update: Hello Hub Version 2 released. And rocks! Customers love the OLED display showing network info and system status.

  • #1 rated business phone system on Amazon.
  • Unique automated phone configuration technology
  • All programming done in-house in Chattanooga TN, not outsourced.

Other recent projects:

MELEE: Mail Engine

A simple and powerful mailing list manager. Runs as a user and only requires 1 database table. Full MIME, plain text, PGP Signed and PGP Encrypted receipt and delivery options. Works great with some basic sysadmin skills and a mail server that does IMAP and SMTP. Basic SQL knowledge is useful for setup.

- a confused mass of people.
"the melee of people that was always thronging the streets"

"MGB" Endpoints

The clients call them MGB's - Mike's Geek Boxes. Leveraging OpenVPN, Embedded Arm Computers, Debian for Arm, a bespoke VPN, and an advanced version of "Kitty" for CAT/MRI Scanners. These enable remote monitoring, diagnostic and use of medical imaging devices. Need some bizarre remote access and control capabilities? We learned a lot that can be leveraged for other applications.