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2022-03-15 PHP Shell Exec, pdfinfo example
2022-03-17 Override Network Manager DNS
2022-03-10 Asterisk ALSA notes for Dial(CONSOLE/ALSA...
2021-11-03 Drag and Drop File Uploader PoC
2021-10-07 Adding second listening port to Asterisk
2021-02-11 Netwatcher.php
2020-04-20 ROC-RK3328-CC GPIO Pins
2020-04-17 Solar Skoolie Shopping List - Big Items
2020-03-01 MELEE Mailing List Engine
2019-10-01 E-Mail to Fax Server
2019-07-15 Happy Linux Config
2019-07-01 Yubikey on Mint
2019-02-02 WordPress Woes
2018-11-26 Example of a Manson Script
1000-01-01 Example SQL script to create rows based on table data.
2018-05-06 Raspberry Pi MRI Controller
2018-03-28 Asterisk Call Hunting with Subscription