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Featured Project:

Since January 2017, GeekLabs and friends have been building ring-u, a auto-configuring small business phone system that uses several commonly available VoIP/SIP phones. Soft-launch was September 15th, 2017. That's 9 months from "do this thing" to hardware and software designed, built and in-stock. It's currently using a couple of "Tier 1" back end telecom providers for actual service delivery, but makes using complex internet telephony technologies very simple. The plan: build a sustainable profitable business.

March 2020 update: Serving happy customers in more than 40 states, plan worked.

Other Projects:

MELEE: Mail Engine

A simple and powerful mailing list manager. Can run as a user and only requires 1 database table. Full MIME, plain text, PGP Signed and PGP Encrypted receipt and delivery options. Works great with some basic sysadmin skills and a mail server that does IMAP and SMTP. Basic SQL knowledge is useful for setup. Melee - a confused mass of people. "the melee of people that was always thronging the streets"

"MGB" Endpoints

The client calls them MGB's - Mike's Geek Boxes. Leveraging OpenVPN, Embedded Arm Computers (Libre Computing Renegade's), Debian for Arm, and an advanced version of "Kitty" for GPIO control, these allow remote monitoring, diagnostic and use of medical imaging devices including CT and MRI scanners.

Meet the Geeks:

Using a MiTM Attack for Debugging and Non-Nefarious Reasons
This was presented in July 2017 at ChaDev:
Playing around with: CounterSocial You can find me there as well.